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Previous issue - 07/11/2019

The August issue of Czech Journal of Economics and Finance was published . The list of published papers is available below.

Agata KLIBER, Katarzyna WŁOSIK:
Isolated Islands or Communicating Vessels? – Bitcoin Price and Volume Spillovers Across Cryptocurrency Platforms

Christophe GODLEWSKI, Dorota SKAŁA, Laurent WEILL:
Is Lending by Polish Cooperative Banks Procyclical?

Celal Barkan GURAN, Umut UGURLU, Oktay TAS:
Mean-Variance Portfolio Optimization of Energy Stocks Supported with Second Order Stochastic Dominance Efficiency

João Dionísio MONTEIRO, Ernesto Raúl FERREIRA:
Revisiting Seasonality in Overnight and Daytime Returns in the U.S. Equity Markets: Mean-Variance, Sharpe Ratio and Stochastic Dominance Approaches