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Editorial information for the prospective authors - 2018


Editorial information for the prospective authors - 2018 - 19/03/2019

In the year 2018, the basic data about the flow of articles is as follows:

Published articles: 24

Papers without decision (decision to be taken in 2019): 20

Desk-rejections: 220
Rejected based on referee reports: 7
Withdrawals: 2
Rejected because of plagiarism: 0
Total number of articles: 238

The desk-rejection rate is 92%. We suggest the prospective authors to consult the aims and scope of our journal as well as to browse trough the previous issues of our journal to see what type of articles we are typically interested in. The rejection rate is 95%. The rejection rate is 38% once the desk-rejections are not considered.
The average time to make a first decision, excluding desk-rejections, is 3 months.