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Volume 51, Issue 1


Exposé to the 2001 State Budget Discussion in the Czech Parliament

Mertlík, Pavel

Year: 2001   Volume: 51   Issue: 1   Pages: 2-8

Abstract: Finance Minister Pavel Mertlík outlined the principles of 2001 state budget. First he analysed the macroeconomic conditions that influence the state budget ? expected inflation rate, GDP growth the rate of unemployment. Further affecting the state budget arithmetic are the exchange rate of the Czech koruna and the price of oil. New budgetary rules approved during 2000 impart a new framework for state budget preparation. The minister stressed that the 2001 state budget addresses the government?s top priorities: education, EU accession, and a proactive employment policy. Restricting expenditures was cited as another priority. Furthermore, he explained the government?s approach to using privatization revenues from the sale of UTMS licenses in 2001.

JEL classification: A1, E6

Keywords: state budget; macroeconomics


RePEc: n/a

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