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Volume 50, Issue 10


European Economic Association Congress 2000

Šmídková, Kateřina

Year: 2000   Volume: 50   Issue: 10   Pages: 562-563

Abstract: The annual meeting of the European Economic Association took place in Bolzano, Italy this year. There were more than 120 seminars, many panel discussions, and three main lectures presented. The seminars covered a broad range of issues related to economic theory and to applied research. Particular attention was paid to the features of the "new economy" and its implications for European economic developments. The main lectures emphasised the importance of the dialogue centred on the imperfect rationality of economic agents and on the contradictions between the theory of utility function and the outcomes of economic experiments. Czech economists participated in several seminars on economic growth, capital flows, monetary policy and efficiency and equality. The problems facing transitional economies were mainly discussed by experts from developed economies, from Israel and from Russia.

JEL classification: A1, D0, E0, F0

Keywords: EEA; imperfectly rational agents; theory and experiments; monetary policy and models


RePEc: n/a

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