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Volume 50, Issue 5


Czech Financial Market Efficiency in Light of Recent Interest Rate Cuts

Podpiera, Richard

Year: 2000   Volume: 50   Issue: 5   Pages: 270-282

Abstract: This article investigates the efficiency of the Czech financial market in view of the market?s reaction to a recent series of interest rate cuts implemented by the Czech central bank. An efficient market would, at least partially, anticipate interest rate cuts and rapidly adjust. While the domestic stock and foreign exchange markets generally do not react on the Czech National Bank?s interest rate changes, changes to the central bank?s key repo rate do affect Czech interest rates. In line with model expectations, the response of the shorter rates is relatively stronger. The reaction of Czech interest rates, however, appear to be grossly inefficient. Rate movements in anticipation of official rate changes are virtually absent. Moreover, adjustments to rate changes take several days?even in the case of shorter rates, which are influenced more directly by the central bank?s repurchase rate it takes up to five working days to fully adjust to a rate change.

JEL classification: G14

Keywords: market efficiency; interest rates


RePEc: n/a

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