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Volume 51, Issue 4


Lessons from Polish Transition

Belka, Marek

Year: 2001   Volume: 51   Issue: 4   Pages: 217-234

Abstract: This article provides a general account of the Polish transition from socialist central planning to a market economy and tries to explicate the main causes of the relative success of this transition. The second section offers an overview of the main steps in the reform process. It begins with a description of initial reform and analyzes public-policy measures and the subsequent reaction of enterprises and banks. The ?four reforms? (health service, education, social security, and administrative reform) that have begun at the end of the 1990's are discussed vis-?-vis state spending. The third section identifies the relative merits of the Polish economic transition. Five facets of success are cited: the ?shock therapy? of 1990, measured institution building, pragmatism, a social contract, and a pro-Europe orientation.

JEL classification: P2, P3

Keywords: transition; public policy


RePEc: n/a

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