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Volume 50, Issue 3


Public Finance Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Bezděk, Vladimír

Year: 2000   Volume: 50   Issue: 3   Pages: 126-129

Abstract: Public finance represents an increasingly important issue in the political and economic debates in the Czech Republic, comprising both practical and theoretical matters, many of which (namely, tax revenue development, contingent liabilities, structural budget deficits, and fiscal federalism) are developed in detail in this issue of Finance a úvěr. There can be no doubt that public finances in the Czech Republic are under considerable duress. Recent fiscal policy has created structural budget deficits the past couple of years and, moreover, a portion of fiscal policy has been increasingly pursued outside official budgets. Finally, public finances as a whole are undergoing structural changes as public administration reforms are implemented. There is a clear need in the Czech Republic for a broader professional discussion and an expanded debate of all aspects of these issues.

JEL classification: H2

Keywords: public finance; taxes

RePEc: n/a

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