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Volume 59, Issue 3


Determinants of Foreign Currency Borrowing in the New Member States of the EU

Rosenberg, Christoph; Tirpák, Marcel

Year: 2009   Volume: 59   Issue: 3   Pages: 216-228

Abstract: The paper empirically investigates the determinants of foreign currency borrowing by the private sector in the new member states of the European Union. We find that striking differences in patterns of foreign currency borrowing between countries are explained by the extent to which domestic banks finance credit expansion from abroad, the level of deposit dollarization, and the interest rate differential. Joining the EU appears to have played an important role, by providing direct access to foreign funding, offering hedging opportunities through greater trade openness, lending credibility to exchange rate regimes, and raising expectations of imminent euro adoption. The empirical evidence suggests that regulatory policies to slow foreign currency borrowing have had only limited success.

JEL classification: E44, G21

Keywords: foreign currency borrowing, new EU member states, Central and Eastern Europe


RePEc: http://ideas.repec.org/a/fau/fauart/v59y2009i3p216-228.html

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