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Volume 55, Issue 11 -12


What the GDP Indicator Does Not Reveal in Economic Analyses (in English)

Vintrová, Růžena

Year: 2005   Volume: 55   Issue: 11 -12   Pages: 578-594

Abstract: In real terms, gross-domestic-product indicators do not record a country?s trading gain or loss. The real growth of gross domestic income, which include terms-of-trade changes, were approximately one percentage point higher than the GDP growth rates of the Czech Republic and belonged among the fastest in central Europe. Moreover, real GDP growth does not accurately express the development of real convergence.

JEL classification: O11

Keywords: gross domestic product; qualitative changes; real convergence; real gross domestic income; statistical paradoxes; terms of trade


RePEc: http://ideas.repec.org/a/fau/fauart/v55y2005i11-12p578-594.html

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