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Volume 54, Issue 7 -8


The Nobel Prize Laureates, 2003

Komárek, Luboš

Year: 2004   Volume: 54   Issue: 7 -8   Pages: 355-356

Abstract: The article summarizes the main points discussed at the seminar on ?The Nobel Prize Laureates, 2003,? held by the Czech Economic Association in March 2004. The seminar featured two main speakers: Josef Arlt (University of Economics, Prague, and Charles University, Prague), who lectured on the work of Clive Granger; and Miloslav Vošvrda (Charles University and UTI A Prague), who summarized the main ideas of the work of Nobel laureate Robert Engle. Both of the papers are available on the Czech Economic Association?s web site, www.cse.cz.

JEL classification: C22, C32, C53

Keywords: Nobel prize; time series; volatility; co-integration


RePEc: n/a

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