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Volume 52, Issue 11


Inflační projekce a měnová politika: předpoklad konstantních úrokových sazeb

Kotlán, Viktor; Skořepa, Michal

Year: 2002   Volume: 52   Issue: 11   Pages: 645-646

Abstract: Inflation targeting is a monetary-policy regime based largely on the use and communication of inflation projections. Central bankers need to make certain choices regarding inflation projections on three distinct levels: construction, decision making and communication. We first differentiate between a forecast (an appraisal of a future event or condition) and a simulation (an imitative representation) and then discuss the pros and cons of using such projections as regards the three levels of the inflation projections.

JEL classification: E 27, E37, E47, E52

Keywords: monetary policy


RePEc: n/a

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