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Volume 50, Issue 4


The Czech National Bank´s Inflation Report for Q4 1999


Year: 2000   Volume: 50   Issue: 4   Pages: 194-206

Abstract: During the course of 1999 Q4, the price trend changed. The long-term tendency toward a slowdown in CPI inflation was replaced by a slight pickup. Year-on-year CPI inflation was 2.5% in December ?99. The net inflation index stood at 1.5%, i.e., 2.5 percentage points below the lower boundary of the Czech National Bank?s 4?5% target interval. Two-thirds of the deviation from the expected net inflation outturn at the end of the year was attributable to food prices, and one-third to adjusted inflation items.

JEL classification: E50, E31

Keywords: inflation; central bank; monetary policy


RePEc: n/a

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