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Volume 55, Issue 1 -2


Czech Labor Market Flows 1993-2003

Gottvald, Jaromír

Year: 2005   Volume: 55   Issue: 1 -2   Pages: 41-53

Abstract: This paper focuses on structural changes in employment in absolute and relative terms, using Czech labor force survey data. Gross flows, job-to-job flows, and industry flows are investigated to delineate the major movements on the Czech labor market. The overall analysis of mobility flows throughout 1993?2003 shows an increasing structural stagnation and diminishing labor market flexibility. The decisive mobility channel has been a direct job change without an episode of unemployment, but even this kind of mobility flow tends to diminish over time. Employment flows in and flows out between industries have decreased markedly over the last ten years.

JEL classification: P20, P30, J21, J23

Keywords: labor-market flows; structural adjustment; transition probabilities


RePEc: http://ideas.repec.org/a/fau/fauart/v55y2005i1-2p41-53.html

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